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Influencers are many but the ones who actually make an impact, relate and Influence are in a niche that is growing as you read. Boomlet Media has an expertise over spotting talents, understanding brand’s requirements and co-creating some breath-taking campaigns. We believe resonance is the strongest when done by experts and knowledgeable resources and through our in-depth Influencer Outreach.


The term “Crisis” has its roots in varied perspectives, what’s important is Boomlet Media could strategically solve it no matter what. The crisis could be dealt with the way the brand requires however positioning it rightly is what embarks the journey of change, re-definition and settlement the brand is looking out for. Our team of communicators, helps in sorting through and settling the right levels of crisis communication.


A campaign gets maximum leverage when implementing is done with a prominent strategic approach. Boomlet Media has a team of strategists who make sure they have a detailed understanding of the brand’s requirement and filter the right set of Influencers to exhibit a strategic led plan and achieve the objective and work towards accomplishing the set goal.


There are so many talented, splendid and aspirational content creators out there but not all make the cut. Boomlet Media here has a team of talent acquisition where we not just spot Influencers, we help them create strong and relatable content. With our widened team of script writers and translators who not just tap-in both regional and global markets but actually dwell and with the creation settle in.

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