Influencer Marketing-An overview and its Growth in 2018

Marketing can even drive the most sensational entrepreneur up the wall. Branding, finding the right platforms, strategies to play, to speak a language of your audience, target customers- Hell yeah! That makes marketing a real challenge. There are no constant methodologies in marketing to achieve your entire business goal. Indeed, it is fair to give […]

How to become an Influencer?

Every industry has an influencer. Everyone wants to be an influencer. Seems like a pretty ideal life. You always get free stuff from the various brands, and people listen to you no matter what. In fact, many industries provided pavements for more sub-niches that have emerged in recentdays. For example, considering fitness, some influencers insist […]

Why Choosing To Be Normal When You Can Be An Influencer?

Power is fascinating.Having people who look up to you and find you a great motivation or inspiration in their decision making, sounds fancy. But the social media influencers are already achieving it through their fan base. This does not happen in a day, just like all your other jobs out there, being an influencer is […]

The Overlooked Benefits of Influencer Marketing

The way people consume and interact has transformed the media in the last few years. With social media, everything is changing, and the consumers are informed more than ever. Among the significant transitions that took place in the marketing industry, Influencer marketing is booming. Influencer marketing is one of the best things that happened in […]

How to detect fake influencers?

Brands are devoting more time, money and efforts on influencer marketing. All this while we have heard great about the influencers, how they make leads, how they bring conversions and much more. It is estimated to be a market of $1.5 billion in the digital industry today. However, influencer marketing has its dark sides. In […]