Why Choosing To Be Normal When You Can Be An Influencer?

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Power is fascinating.Having people who look up to you and find you a great motivation or inspiration in their decision making, sounds fancy. But the social media influencers are already achieving it through their fan base. This does not happen in a day, just like all your other jobs out there, being an influencer is not uncommon. The journey takes a long way, and you need to keep the profile alive no matter what. If anything is trending online, people watch out for your opinion – Be it any serious social issue or even movie review. However, the followers are built day by day and minute by minute.

Breaking the ice, you know how you have been overlooked when you are in public. Every time it feels like you are walking down the aisle. Similarly, here are some of the advantages of being an influencer.

1. It is a modern Business:

Thoroughly, apart from the fame, every influencer is earning. All the millennial generation has an affinity towards the influencers, and it made the business very interesting. Marketing is not all about business; it is about people. Thus influencer marketing evolved with numerous profiles being an expert in one or more niche. Many brands see a marketplace in social media and are keen in observing the business occur through these ambassadors. The cost per engagement, cost per reach and other technical terms are some of how the influencers do earn. Rather than ordinary advertising or Google AdSense, here you can track the campaigns or the target audience effectively. The influencers are paid in hefty amounts. If you are not sure – Ask Selena Gomez, who charges $550,000 per post and she is one among the top list.

2. Testimonial:

By being an influencer, you may be invited by many brands for representing their campaigns. You can get free product samples, gift vouchers, and coupon codes for trying the product and be one among the first testimonials. Whenever your audience takes you for the reference, they consider you as their influencer who is helping them with the personal choice. While the brands understand and build a strategy over the trust. Hence you become their testimonial. Clearly, there is a process of being recognized or authorized by these companies, but eventually, you get to use all the products for free. 

Sometimes, many brands, especially some of the startups would want you to work with them under a barter system. With no money being involved, they offer a lot of giveaways either as a product or as vouchers.

3. Turning Expert:

Whenever you choose to become an influencer, the first thing you do is to select your niche. Some of them are really good in fashion while some focus on fitness. There are influencers in every business category or niche, and you need to choose what you are strong at. This allows you to grow in your own industry. For instance, if you love art or floral painting, you can start making videos of your works or post pictures online on how to guide and step by step process.  Check out these top 10 influencers of DIY in 2018 who gave an ultimate break in the industry. You are not a random influencer but who is growing in the industry that you are always passionate about.

4. Flexibility:

There is no time or place required for you to be employed. That is what new employment is all about. You can be an influencer for full-time or just part-time; there are no fixed hours of job. Some people became influencers while they were studying and some people are working at IT and have a great fan base. If you wish not to work or to take a week off, there is no one whom you need to ask for.However,you have to stand by your commitment that you give a brand and since the competition is far high, keeping your profile alive is a serious business. Apart from which there are no guidelines or job rules that you need to follow.

Wrap Up:

Choosing a career of becoming a social media influencer has both good and bad sides. There are more pitfalls that you need to cover up. The bubble (profile) needs to be fresh as always and find a space in your own niche. It is absolutely a happening thing, but you need to be confident and passionate about what you do.

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