How to get verified on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter?

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Being a Social media star is an amazing and inspirational process, and is a sign of social status. The ‘blue tick’ verification has been a dream and desire for many influencers, popular brands, and many other accomplished social media artists. It can be incredible, but sure it is worth a shot.  The verification symbol places you one step ahead of celebrities and makes you an authorized figure on social media. However it is an arduous job to attain a verification tag on your account on social media. Nevertheless, it is accessible with a few smart moves. Here are a few shrewd benchmarks to help you get verified on Facebook and Twitter.

Get Verified on Facebook:

The verification badges are a great way to ensure that you as a user or a brand retain credibility in social media. For local business or large brands, the badges imply to the audience that you are a credible, authentic person who is running the business.  This will improve the visibility for your page which adversely increases the sales.

  • Click on the setting icon at the top of the Facebook page
  • You can find General Menu tab under which click Page verification button
  • Select Verify this Page and click on Get started button
  • They have two verification processes that are an instant and detailed process
  • By choosing the instant one, the Facebook will directly call you through the contact number you have provided in the page and continue the verification process
  • If you choose the detailed option, Facebook will ask you to submit all the validation documents such as the electricity bill, address proof for your business. Later they process the compliances.

However, after your request of validation, the Facebook administration takes 4-48 hours to confirm or deny the request.

Blue Vs. Grey Verifications:

There are two different colored check marks offered by Facebook as their verification symbol. The blue check mark indicated that your page has been technically verified. Facebook authorizes your page, and you can proclaim as a public figure or brand. This also means the brand has an official account the pages and also personal; profiles can be verified and given blue sign marks

The grey check marks show that your specific business has been verified. For instance, if you have a retail store, then the Facebook team makes an explicit check on the location, contact number and the person responsible for the store. This means your credibility level has enhanced and this works well if you have the business for a specific location.

Get verified on Instagram:

Does the blue badge on Instagram really mean anything? Obviously! It does. Instagram is more than a social media forum. It is the marketplace for a lot of business, and you need to be identified as REAL. There are many fake profiles and hooligans out there who use our resource. Hence, to build trust it is more important for you to get in there and procure a verified account. It also satisfies your audience, viewers and followers and withdraws their suspicion concerning your account.

So how is it made viable?

Verified accounts do not depend on the number of followers you have. We all can be expected to generate more traffic right away, by just following a few simple steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile. Be it personal or business, it works either way.
  • Click on the menu button on your right to end
  • You will be able to see the “Settings” gear, at the bottom of the menu sidebar.
  • Select “Request Verification” tab under settings. Now here is how you have to get the process started using the “Apply for Instagram Verification” page.
  • Fill all the personal details like Username, mail id, and other basic information.

Further you need to submit the verification ID which could be any of the following:

  • Driver License
  • Passport
  • Business Utility Bill
  • Business Tax filing
  • National card with date of birth mentioned
  • Registration or article of incorporation certificate

The page Clearly suggests that if you submit for verification does not necessarily make your account verified. You will hear from the team with various updates. Meantime keep engaging your audience.

Get Verified on Twitter:

Twitter is an elite place for politicians, public figures, media, and business. Getting a blue checkmark from twitter does give an ego boost, and that’s a celebrity moment. Whenever you post something online, people read it and that provides an advantage for the brands as well. To get the twitter account verified get these simple steps going:

1. Prepare your profile:

Generally, on twitter any completed profile gets attention naturally. The twitter recommends the users to complete the profile with a real photo and name before you submit verification. Ass website for your business and create a precise bio.

2. Collect information:

Documentation is the theme for your account to get verified. Hence Twitter wants to know why you need verification. They ask you to submit relevant documents like license or tax filing papers for further process.

3. Verification form:

There is a verification form attached with twitter portal. You may fill them without copy-pasting. Make sure you have a solid reason before you verify. As you know, any verified profile will go public hence it is necessary to have some purpose. You will receive the summary of your submission immediately, and after the review by the twitter team, you can get it going.

It is finally happening! Do wait no more. The social media fairy will bless you with the blue check mark, and now you can secure all the value for your business.

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