Famous Digital Media Campaign 2018

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Great ad campaigns evoke emotions and ensure that you are already contributing to the campaign. Especially digital campaigns are mastering currently, and 2018 was a boom. Many brand managers, public relation managers, social media marketers have brainstormed and came out flushing with great ideas, and it is massive. They stay in mind for days, weeks and even months. The first thing that any company wants to attain through the digital campaigns, is introducing or reminding the audience about its existence.

We come across several digital media campaigns every day, however only a few of them stick top in mind, this is because they are all built on the following steps:

  1. Planning
  2. Development
  3. Management

Here are some of the famous campaigns that had mastered all the above processes and executed precisely.

1. Intuit- A Giant Story- Crowd Engagement Campaign:

Intuit is a software company that is created for accounting, finance, and tax as the core compliance. The software is used by both individuals and organizations while they launched an engagement campaign. The primary objective of the campaign is to bring all the Intuit’s brands together. Some of the reputed organizations included Turbox, QuickBooks and Mint. By uniting the brands, they wanted to engage all the 46 million users of those brands as well. The campaign was initiated during the Superbowl with an animated short by creating a giant robot that represents the big brands. This short was played during the commercial breaks of the Superbowl while the full movie went online. They pretty much used the social media well by introducing the robot character in the snapchats.

The reach was extreme that their individual users have grown during this peak time and the anime stacked the best of it.

2. Amazon- Influential Campaign:

So we all are well aware of Amazon’s Echo and Alexa powered voice assistants that are empowered in 2018. This is the influencer campaign designed by Amazon through their study on millennial consumers. They concluded that the buying decisions of an individual are highly influenced by the propositions and recommendations of their peers. Also, YouTube is the second influential platform when it comes to purchasing. Hence the team came up with a compelling video content of vougish celebrities using the Echo voice assistant. From cooking to comedy, they created extremely innovative video shots that went viral. The second phase of the campaign was during the SuperBowl held last year under the name “Alexa Has Lost Her Voice.” The funniest but creative piece that attracted the millennial generation.

The video reached 47 million views and went viral throughout the year. It is estimated, that the value of the influencers involved in the campaign has increased 11 times than before. Thereby making it a prominent campaign.

3. KFC- Social Media Presence:

We all know KFC as a global restaurant chain, but they make an immense effort in building their social media presence every year. In 2018, they launched promising campaigns like Radio KFC RJ hunt, Currycature and Wow menu option. They developed the brand engagement in India, and the campaign was customized for the cities. The main objective of the campaign was to increase the leads for the different menus and various combos they launched this year. This RJ hunt was a massive hit with 3000 people participating from 30 cities in India. The KFC fans recorded the voice online and provided radio analog experience. One of the foremost entries was the ’design your bucket’  for the digital marketing campaign last year. There were 5000 entries comprehensively. KFC braced the campaign by printing  the pictures of various prominent personalities on the buckets. Currycature was fabulous, and the objective was to get 17000 currycature made by the Fans.

Being so successful in the digital marketing campaign guess what will be the result?

The brand obtained an overall positive image in social media with the growth of 93.8% on Facebook from 6.2%, while the engagement rate increased thrice than previous. KFC is now placed under the top 5 socially devoted brands and swiftly grown social media brand in India.

Wrap Up:

Digital Marketing Campaigns are a great source of inspiration, and it takes real instincts to play them right, as it is very paradoxical to decide the victory of a campaign. More importantly, you can also be a failure set and be a bad example. Hence to avoid such design campaigns consider various aspects of your business.

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